Ah – it’s that achy time of year (again) for us Northern Hemisphere denizens.

(I’m not typing about Daylight Savings time which I think is a dumb and dumber idea, by the way).
FLU Season image healthyagingwebsite

Thanks to our Center for Disease Control (CDC) for this animated image


Sure – there is controversy as to whether our annual flu shots help most of us or not. As with most “insurance products” – one could play the odds.  I chose not to do that, being a slightly at-risk baby boomer with prior pneumonias in my medical history.

A simple yet effective step to avoid your FLU infection in 20118/2019 is to:

Wash your Paws (thoroughly)!

– A corollary addition for airline passengers, you should avoid touching your eyes, and keep your nose and eyes moist in-flight.

Back to the hashtag;  A Scripps Hospital posting offers, “experts are crafting vaccines to prevent influenza A H3N2 (the predominant strain last season), A H1N1 and two influenza B viruses that are reportedly on the rise.

Although the 2017–18 flu shot was only around 45 percent effective when averaging all strains, it’s still recommended for anyone who is older than 6 months and not allergic. It’s by far the best way to prevent the flu, or at least lessen the unpleasant symptoms that come with it, like fever, body aches and fatigue.”

Naturally, I’ll close with simple yet hard reminders to: get plenty of rest, exercise, hydrate, eat well and keep one’s stresses(cortisol) under control.   


Yours in Wellness,


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Your best personal exercise is one that you will stick with to make fitness and longevity impacts on your life.

Recently published studies of elders who exercise seem to suggest that Team sports make offer superior longevity perks.

Which one, of those analyzed activities, suggested the biggest boost to longevity?  Tennis.

Right- there may be unknown unknowns at play – perhaps affluence.

The lowest sport for longevity (though still favorable)?  Gym rat.

Social connection is strongly suggested as a factor in the tennis results.  It’s hard to play tennis solo 🤔.

As a rower who has often been told about crew’s longevity perks- I suggest that there are other team sports which keep us going besides tennis  🎾.

Yet there is a factor to remember as we boomers sweat and elevate our heart rates: just doing it (whatever it is) with someone you like is best.

Perhaps the LOVE score in tennis is there for a reason⁉️

Be well,







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National Bacon Day, then sunshine

Last week was pretty sad, as two larger than life figures moved on from earthly ways.  We miss ya, Scamp McCain and Queen of Soul.  Heaven’s streets have two special souls on them now.

To shake out of my downer mood of loss, I celebrated, on cue, International Bacon Day on September 1st.  Two puzzling observations – first, why is our Labor Day holiday close by this celebratory day? Hmmm.  And second, why is National Bacon Day on December 30th?  Is that a tariff-driven split for pork?

Well, as the omnivore that I am, I do enjoy non-nitrated(uncured)  and lean bacon. I buy into suggested correlations between red meat and testosterone levels for guys (I haven’t looked into any suggested correlations for the ladies). And I enjoy its taste.

I’m off a mindset that a little of a good thing is wonderful (thanks Mae West). On a different yet distantly relevant thread for “just enough” of something, good old Dr. Weil blogged about just enough sunshine, Vitamin D and possible longevity links,

“While I wouldn’t bank on sunbathing to add years to your life, it is true that most adults are not getting enough vitamin D, which we need for bone health and, more and more research suggests, for protection against a number of diseases, including many types of cancer. Our best source of vitamin D is sun exposure. The trick is to know how much is enough. That depends on where you live and your skin type.”

Should you opt to disregard Dr. Weil (or perish the thought – your scribe),  I’ll bet Baby Boomers will listen to the Beatles and their GOOD DAY SUNSHINE lyrics to enjoy their vitamin D and tender moments:

“Good day sunshine,
Good day sunshine,
Good day sunshine.
I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I’ve got something I can laugh about,
I feel good, in a special way.
I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.”


Have something to laugh about, enjoy a ‘lil pork belly (uncured) and be Well Past Forty…






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“Stress + Rest = Growth. It’s as simple and as hard as that.”

Ah – simple yet hard.

This equation, per author  Brad Stulberg (@BStulberg), fits more than wellness in our lives.  For today – let’s stick with work and recovery in exercise.  And when we work out – it’s good for us boomers to complete at least 2/3rds of our training volume at low intensity (per RPE and heart rate).

In this OUTSIDE article, Brad states, “best endurance athletes in the world all have one thing in common: they oscillate between periods of stress and rest.”


Simple yet hard.


Be well,



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Tribute to A Man in Full

I join legions of sad admirers who miss author Tom Wolfe.

In earlier days, THE RIGHT STUFF got me motivated.

In years past, I’ve tried to be A MAN IN FULL.  As a new Medicare and Social Security-aged ward of our great country, I reckoned it was indeed time to start crossing items off my bucket list.

So, after (finally) gaining a HAMMER for World Indoor Rowing, I shifted to terra firma workouts for a spell, and renewed my actions to tackle the Mount Whitney Trail.

On Monday, May 21st, I ascended the Mount Whitney trail. Not a daytrip summit hike, only a 1/2 Whitney as it turned out. This was my situation at 11,000 feet at about 9:45 in the morning:

Frosty at 11,000 feet.  This was a weather first for this rookie hiker – lightning, thunder and getting pelted by frozen peas – all alone with this grand mountain. I will be back, in mid-summer, and probably with another steely-eyed ascender for this impressive hunk of granite created by glaciers ~ 100 million years ago.

On my descent (which I reckon I timed well for the snowstorm) – I lost the trail markings and invested time and steps to find my way back home.  Be Prepared as a note to self!

I did have fun, before and after my 9:45 epiphany.

This was another Frosty on the mountain (as in snowman):

Frosty on Mt Whitney 052118

A half Whitney (and a darned private one!).


Be well and keep on truckin’…

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Late to my own Funeral?!

I hope so, though one day, reports of my demise WILL NOT be over-rated. Perhaps my telomeres are longer as result of my being well past forty.  Time and effort invested for my seven munificent steps have been worth it, whenever my own funeral plays out. Later, rather than sooner preferred 🙂

Speaking lately:

I am two days late for National Haiku Day #NationalHaikuDay. Isn’t it strange that this auspicious poetic day is also Tax Day 2018 in our land? Cruel fate perhaps?

In honor of the IRS computers’ just-in-time “meltdown” on the 17th, I belatedly offer my verse:

Death and Taxes true

IRS melted down on

Day of Settlement.


Yours toward later deaths and low taxes,


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Humor and Longevity linkage?

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” – e. e. cummings

American flags will be flown at half-mast this Saturday in honor of an amazing lady.  Barbara Bush’s demise at 92 years young is sad for admirers. Yet humor helped her put life in her years on this crazy planet. Heck – most of us can look at 92 years – or 34,000 days or those 807,000 hours or those 48 million seconds as chances to live well.  And living well means on average 235,000 hours of “good sleep.” And living well relates to that tried and true adage about “laughter is good medicine.”  This former first lady offered that one key ingredient her 73-year marriage to George H.W. Bush was humor.     I know that my better half would have departed long ago if she couldn’t laugh off my bone-headed moves and well-intentioned hiccups of life.  Ah – 42 years of matrimony as evidence of our work in progress!?

Please check wellness aspects of chuckling at help guide  (https://www.helpguide.org/articles/mental-health/laughter-is-the-best-medicine.htm).

Mrs. Bush was living proof of these documented wellness aspects of happy faces 🙂

Now her long legacy can be proof positive too.

  • Drop blood pressure?  you bet.
  • Decrease stress/cortisol levels?  Undoubtedly.
  • Burn a few calories?  Sure… 10 to 15 minutes of smiling and laughing can burn ~ 40 calories a day – or 4 pounds a year – IF you laugh well and often.
  • Decrease physical / mental pain or discomfort?  Ya la creo! Check this article for laughter as therapy for cancer survivors.  Dr. Patch Adams didn’t clown around solely to be a comedian – did he?
  • Reduce prospects for heart disease?  True!
  • AND . . . live longer (especially for women)?  Most likely.

You’ve probably seen evidence of Barbara Bush’s humor shared in TV spots, commencement addresses, or perhaps in person – as I was fortunate to experience her joie d vivre.  She spoke at a motivational gathering in San Diego years ago, with your scribe attending/taking notes.

– She asked us if  “we” were concerned that “her boys” governed one-tenth of all Americans.  I wasn’t a bit concerned as George and Jeb seemed to be doing pretty good jobs in Texas and Florida.  She added several other quips and life is funny thoughts that day.

I’m a Vermonter, and fairly stoic by nature. Can I and should I laugh more?  Note to self – YES!

  • I can and should create opportunities to laugh.
  • I can and should develop my humor.

If I can – you can too. “But if you had a humorless childhood, never fear—studies show people can learn to embrace the absurdity of life at any age.” It’s perfectly okay, and encouraged, to laugh at others’ jokes, even if not too funny.  Yup.

I prescribe medicinal chuckles -> and ask readers to be funny and probably die later…

Embrace absurdity, and be well.




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